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Movement Training

Let's real talk... 


1.  You know you need to put the work into your body now, not tomorrow. Your body won't build itself into strength and balance. 
2.  You know you are stuck in movement patterns that need refreshing and further development and training. 
3.  You want a combo of strength training and yoga in one time-efficient class. 

This you?

Let's work on teaching and training your body into greater mobility, strength, coordination, agility, speed, power, endurance, and so much more:) 

Who Should Come

Anyone looking to build a mind-body that is resilient and fabulous! Progressions will be available for all levels. 
However, if you are currently in pain, please instead look into my patient-only classes to begin with as the class sizes are smaller and better suited for physical limitations. 

What To Expect

Classes are designed to not just teach you how to move efficiently, but actually train you at the same time. Expect to reconnect to your body by finding new ways to move and places to generate power and control from. Prepare to sweat. Get ready to slow your mind, while training your body. These classes will include specific instruction, but they are a class format and not workshop format, so expect to be moving the entire class. 

What To Bring

Please bring your own yoga mat. 

Where To Meet

RNB Dance - Stay tuned for which RNB location in Lynn Valley as some classes are at the studio across from Lynn Valley Elementary School and some are in Lynn Valley Village.

Dates + Time

Wednesday, May 30th, 9-10am

Thursdays, 6-7am

Buy Sessions

This process is still being worked out, so please be patient as we navigate this with our software. Email me at with any concerns, questions or problems and I will be happy to help. 

*Must purchase by 10pm the night before a 6am class

Can't make these?

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