Need Hands-On Chiropractic Care?

I get it... sometimes you just need someone to get their hands on those tissues that need work, so I can still be available for you. Email me directly at if you want to set something up.

Limited Time? Combine Rehab + Training + Treatment

If you are a patient, these patient-only sessions are really helpful for those who have little time in a week to fit it all in. If you are not a patient, but want to be to attend these sessions, email me at

Train Better + More +  Feel Better

I'm offering a minimal amount of one-on-one patient care right now as I spend more time helping people move better and more often. My movement sessions are designed to get you feeling better so that you feel as though you require less hands-on care. There is alway a benefit to hands on care and we should all have some here and there, but in general, moving well and more often is the best medicine for your body! Learn more about my movement sessions as I'm sure there will be a perfect fit for you.