Can We Create New Emotions With Our Body?

I recently took in a thought-inspiring TED Talk by Tiffany Watt Smith on The History of Human Emotions. It triggered a really neat thought for me. Tiffany says that as we learn more words to express emotions, we actually develop new feelings! (COOL!)

This made me think about the language of movement! Think about dancers, actors or anyone who is deeply connected to their body and how they can express emotions across a broad spectrum, but with subtleties throughout the range. There is a term for this in the land of emotional intelligence... "emotional granularity" and it refers to the ability to differentiate between the specificity of emotions.

The reason I think this is so cool is because if we develop a better connection to our physical bodies, imagine how many emotions we could experience both as the one expressing them and absorbing them! How much better could this make your experience here on Earth?

Watt Smith also discusses the intimate connection between words, our bodies and our culture throughout her talk; this quote really stood out, "The most recent developments in cognitive science show that emotions are not simple reflexes, but immensely complex, elastic systems that respond both to the biologies we've inherited and to the cultures we live in now. They are cognitive phenomena that are shaped not just by our bodies but by our thoughts, our concepts, our language.... [As our] language changes, our emotions do too."

What do you think of this? Pretty interesting, isn't it? I'm in awe thinking about the emotions we could have the opportunity to feel!!! I think this is so beautiful and it certainly helps with communication too (from both ends)! 

Here's the TED if you want to check it out for yourself! 

Have fun exploring your body at greater depths... perhaps you may feel even more goodness in life!