How To Build a Body to Last

It is important for you to build a body that will age with both power and grace? Longevity for my body/mind is becoming increasingly important to me. Through the years as an athlete and health professional, I've learned firsthand how critical it is to look after your body/mind. 

Here's what I believe is the single most important thing for building a strong body/mind that will stand the test of time... VARIETY OF MOVEMENT! 

It's true. Without variety, we will lose the ability to control our joints through their full ranges of motion. We need to move beyond walking, running, biking, standard gym workouts, yoga, etc., to be able to hold on to bodies that work well today and for decades to come. 

Take a quick flash back down memory lane to high school gym class. What were the components of athleticism you were tested on: speed, power, strength, agility, flexibility, coordination, aerobic endurance, balance, and even reaction time. Now, think about how many of these factors you are including in your daily movement repertoire? It's likely time to mix it up!

Ohad Naharin is one of the most famous choreographers in the world and his Gaga classes are designed for both dancers and non-dancers. In this video, you will see footage from a Gaga Dancers class rather than a Gaga People class, but you can imagine in your own body that these are ranges and combinations of movements you haven't tried since childhood! 

Below is a short clip of Ido Portal's mother training at age 64. It's inspiring especially considering that she only started training at age 58. Don't set boundaries on how you can move based on your age or gender.

Ido Portal is now quite famous in the training world and in MMA as he's recently been working with some of the world's most famous athletes. His approach to movement is one that really resonates with me. If you are looking for some screen-time entertainment, this is worth watching. It's about more than just moving, it's about how we are choosing to live our lives! 

Move more.

Move because it feels so good, even the parts that are full of effort.

Movement is medicine!