Dr. Carla Cupido


Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, FRC®, DNS, DNS-Yoga, FMS®, SFMA®, Graston®, Previous ART® (Biomechanics, Spine, Upper, Lower, Masters), Kinesio®Taping, FAP™, RYT®200

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Some Academic & Professional Details

I first earned an Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology degree while competing as a varsity track athlete. From there, I achieved my Doctor of Chiropractic degree and Diploma of Contemporary Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University and many other credentials that help me serve others better. My roots in wellness, athletics, and leadership development continue to be a part of what I do… helping others use their powerful bodies to realize their greatest selves.

I’m grateful to have been featured in leading magazines such as The Oprah Magazine, TV shows like Rachel Hunter's Tour of Beauty, news segments, corporate media products such as Gaia and Air Canada’s En Route, as well as in a variety of online media. In addition to this, I have the fortune of leading corporate sessions and workshops and authoring numerous articles in popular publications as well as several case studies in peer-focused journals.

When you feel great in your body, you have the power to live at your best! 

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Classes & Workshops

I simply LOVE to leading people through movement classes that teach them how to use their bodies efficiently in a fun and integrated way! My classes are focused on helping people explore their bodies so that they can reclaim their ability to function properly and continue to do the things they love (and without pain).

Oh, and you may just walk away with a new love for your body, how movement feels, and capabilities you didn't realize you had! See how your physical body is so much more than you thought it was. Don't get what I mean??? Come find out. 

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"Through Lioness, Dr. Carla Cupido brings together women to combine physical challenges, nature and community to radically impact fitness, self-belief and leadership using an unlikely and simple concept: group play. Lioness reconnects women with who they were before life got “too busy” and empowers them to reclaim their bodies, their confidence, and realign with what really matters in life."

~Jonathan Fields, Good Life Project

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